2018-2019 iGniTe Scholarship & Grant Awards

2019 iGniTe Grant Winners:
Biselva Ortega (Howsman ES)
Julissa Abing (Cole ES)
Martha Gonzales (Jordan MS)
Wendy Brake (Leon Springs ES)
Lisa Miranda (Franklin ES)
Kimberly Williams (Thornton ES)
Peggy Hand (Rudder MS)
Melanie Cooper (Briscoe MS)
Donna Cooper (Carlos Coon ES)
Bobbye Patton (Locke Hill ES)
not pictured is Lisa Kubon (Luna MS)
2019 iGnite Scholarship Recipient:
Kimberly Rendon (Stevens HS)
2019-2021 GTEAC Officers:
Lizzy Aguilar-Cruz, Secretary
Danny Lopez, President
Rebecca Hughes, Treasurer
Wendy Castillo, Vice-President

2 thoughts on “2018-2019 iGniTe Scholarship & Grant Awards

  1. I went to one of the host sites (Luna MS) tonight and they have no idea what GTEAC mtg was supposed to be here. Are the host sites not notified of these meetings? Please advise.

    • Hi Elizabeth! Each campus teacher would need to let their front office know. They should have it available in the GT teacher’s classroom. We’ll ask each teacher to make sure they notify the front office that they will be in their room.

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