Final Meeting Highlights

Did you miss the meeting?  No worries watch the recording here.

Two speakers shared summer enrichment opportunities from the UT Health Science Center San Antonio and The Magik Theatre.  We were also able to award iGniTe grants to our GT specialists and our first iGniTe Scholarship to a student.  This is why we do what we do all year long.  Thank you so much for your contribution of time and effort in GTEAC meetings and fundraisers.  This was a great year and we look forward to next year being even better.

2017-2018 iGniTe Grant Winners:

Anita Contreras- Stevenson MS
Michelle Bunn- Rawlinson MS
Michelle Yebra- Ward- ES
Sylvia Carrizales- Myers ES
Marty Ortiz- Elrod ES
Mary Cedio- Northwest Crossing ES
Julissa Abing- Cole ES

Magik Theatre Handouts

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